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A married couple’s journey through musical theatre.

December 11, 2019

Episode 46: Spobert QuadrilateralTrousers

Are you ready listeners?

I can't hear you!


Who got to see the Spongebob show Saturday?

K and Warren!

Who wants to know if it will be a good play?

K and Warren!

If Musical Theatre jokes are your wish

K and Warren!

Then listen as they talk about singing fish!

Now on Tone Deaf!


Tone Deaf Podcast! Tone Deaf Podcast! Tone Deaf Podcast!

With K and Warren!

Special guest: Mama K!

(We couldn't help it)

Opening song is a parody of "Bikini Bottom Day" by Johnathan Coulton.

Promo for this week: Ignorance Was Bliss Podcast

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