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Thank you Lily Dwoskin for telling us about this!!

K and Warren watched The Aviatrix, and it soared right into our hearts and was the queen of our skies! Check out our review of The Aviatrix Musical as K and Warren discuss this amazing show as well as virtual theatre and why it is amazing, hyperfixations, shattering glass ceilings, and cockpits.

Because it isn't a non-February episode of Tone Deaf if there isn't at least SOME Richard Humor.

The Aviatrix runs virtually until February 2, 2021. Get your tickets at Learn more about the show at

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This is a rebroadcast of the Second Annual Warren Awards. This episode contains mature content, strong language, electrical disturbances, nudity, knife throwing, gun fire, explosions,  general mayhem, and demonic possession. Listener discretion is advised.

Welcome to the second annual Warren Awards! Tonight, Warren reveals what truly was the good, the bad, and the ugly in the shows that we watched in the 2020 Season. Listen to find out who will take home the coveted Golden Warren!

Special Guests: Shea, Alixandria Young-Jui, Cortland, Tyler and Nate, David S Dear, Jas and Steven LaFond Isaiah Frizzelle,  Eddie Louise, and Chip Michael

Promos: Those Guys Over There
Sage and Savant
Pomegranates and Pitchforks
Private Island Presents: Up All Night
Listen Rinse Repeat
A Ninth World Journal
Witchever Path
The Bird Brain Podcast

Tone Deaf 2021 Theme, The Eliminator Theme Adagio, The Eliminator Theme Lento, and We Stand Erect Composed and performed by K
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